BTTD #10: Orphans. Make them your business.

TL;DR. An Article of Justice. Something I like. Your Tavern Is Boring. There are Always Orphans. Oh—I would hate for you to miss out on the Ultimate D&D Dice Giveaway—it’s almost over. Click this big link! Alright, let’s get to it. An Article of Justice As a 40+ something kind of fella, when I was playing […]

BTTD #9: Wandering and Joining in.

TL;DR. Be inside the story. Sleepwalkers. FOODIES. Before We Get into All That You don’t want to miss out on this sweet, sweet giveaway of all things gaming. Inside Where It’s Warm One of the main reasons I love RPGs is that I can alter the story. When I read a book, I’m just receiving the story. […]

BTTD #8: Why so dark? Why?

TLDR: How Does One Play D&D? Time’s up. No Candles in the Wind. Rey Just Wrote Your Adventure. Featured on what? Also I’m giving away some dice. We All Start Somewhere I’ve been flipping through the Player’s Handbook for D&D and I’m delighted by it. Just the layout and the kinds of characters you can […]


TL;DR. A welcome and thank you. My Netflix obsession. I have ideas! My dice giveaway. Shout out to my Reddit Family Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has joined me due to some Reddit posts. I mentioned my newsletter and everyone was super kind and encouraging. I was really touched. […]


TL;DR. A comic worth getting today. When something just appears. Why, Mr. Orc, are you on fire? Best Comic in 5 years. I used to be big into comics. Collector’s boxes and all of that. I never made a dime off of it, but I just liked the hoard— I mean, collectingaspect of it. But now I simply […]

BTTD: #5

tl;dr: Hostages, Game Nights, A Little Pocket Notebooks, A Secret Announcment Situations Rarely Felt in RPGs: Hostages. I’ve been watching a grip of the TV show Homeland. In the show (not a spoiler, it’s been out too long—you had your chance) there is a hostage situation. It got me thinking. How do you handle a hostage situation […]


Here are some of my ideas about gaming, adventures, and just telling great compelling stories. Let’s get going. How an Absurd War Serves You A lot of conflicts happen because of pure stupidity. In most fantasy literature, war breaks down into a couple of themes: This thing wanted to be the boss of us and […]


Greetings. It’s Gen Con Weekend, the biggest gaming event in the US and I’m not there! But next year, I shall be! Let’s get to it! The Only Thing I Know About Gaming I consider board gaming and RPGs like tacos. If you don’t like them, you haven’t had the right one. If you aren’t […]


Mainstream  Wired offered this nugget for a person who simply wants to understand what an RPG is. Highly recommend.  Books I’m reading Recently got my addition of Your Best Game Ever by Monte Cook Games. A literal tome about how to have your best RPG; stem to stern—how to find a gaming group to create story arcs for […]