BTTD #21: Well, the weather outside is frightful (and deadly).

Friends, The holidays are upon us! What is happening?! I’m recovering from writing that ding-dang novel over the past month and I can finally start writing a bit more. (And some of you have asked about reading my book—when it’s past its first draft—you got it. I’ll put the word out right here. This is […]

BTTD #20: Accomplishments, rituals and celebrations.

Many of you wrote and said, “Are you alive?” because I didn’t send anything out on Friday—including the big dice giveaway. I’m deciding to do that in January when the dust settles from the holiday. (And I’m taking a week off work to simply recharge, create and plan 2020.) In other news—I finished my novel! […]

BTTD #19: Best Games for the Thanksgiving.

Friends, Here in America, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! Next week! I love the holidays cause with my friends it means one things. Games! Board games! Games for the Holidays If you need some board games for the “non-board gamers” in your life, have I got the treat for you! Sure, turkey is great, but […]

BTTD #18: What We Do During Winter

Maybe it’s sunny where you live. And that’s really great. I’m super, super, super pumped for you. But here in Chicago winter has fallen on us like a rain of anvils. We are bundled up and we are getting accustomed to this life for the next 6-8 months. As usual, I hate the start of […]

BTTD #17: Making the Hardest Choice

I’ve been playing Outer Worlds on Xbox and at the first part of this stellar RPG, you have to make a choice: Cut power to a city, hurting “the man”, but putting a lot of people out of work, possibly starving. Cut power to the deserters, destroying what they’ve built, but rescuing the city they left. It […]

BTTD #16: Spookiness for Halloween Time

Happy Halloween! I hope kids come to your door or you have spooky decorations all about. Fall has enveloped the midwest with a rainy morning and a rainy afternoon followed by a rainy evening. This is when stories start to creep into our nights whether role-playing games or board games. The weather turns. We stay […]

BTTD #15: Prison Breaks and Trailers

What I’ve Been Digging I’ve been watching Killing Eve Season 1 again. If you are looking for a great show that has tight writing and thrills, this is your winter jam. I’m looking forward to Star Wars Rise of Skywalker. I got tickets to the 8 AM show on Saturday! Whoo! Also I recently picked up this book, Ninth House and […]

BTTD #14: Terra Mystica, Cults and Writing..

Alright. Fall has arrived. Let’s get started. In Tabletop world, I recently played a game Terra Mystica and I really enjoyed it. You control a faction and you earn points by area control as well as buying the favor of the “element cults.” There are a ton of ways to earn points and I came in 3rd […]

BTTD #13:This is What We are Here For

I had a request to talk about problem gamers. And I started doing some legwork and research on problem gamers and I have to say wow there is a lot of content out there. One thing I found missing is a nice Session Zero about the expectations of the game. During a Session Zero, I not only help […]

BTTD #12: Oh the Weather. .

  Alright friends, Fall has officially arrived in Chicagoland! Using Weather in Your Game Alright. I have rarely played in a game where weather played an important part of the story. (Exception: Mouse Guard. Great game.) But weather can be a major, major issue when it comes to your game. It played a major part of in Game of […]