BTTD #30: Glitches and Economics

Cough Cough. Continent Destroyed. Maybe I’ve been inspired by the recent news about, well, people getting sick and how it would affect your RPG. Having a plague hit your town or city can be big instigator when it comes to your plot, but when that happens it’s usually clerics to the rescue. Boom with the healing! […]

BTTD #29: Using Prophecy in Your Game Plus Some Recommendations

Prophecies and Your Game Prophecies can drive a story forward whether you are writing fiction or running a game. They make this spooky prediction and sometimes awkward one (i.e. Oedipus Rex) about your life or the lives of people you love. Now in Greek fashion, those prophecies are a lock. You can’t get around them. […]

BTTD #28: What Every Session Needs.

What Exactly Does a Session Need When we sit around a table, there is one expectation that everyone has: we are going to tell a story. Stories, regardless of your age or where you’re from, are vital to your existence and I think that’s why we love Tabletop and RPGs so much. (And yes, good […]

BTTD #27: Delegation, Delegation and More Delegation!

You Don’t Have to Do It All A lot of people who want to run games get intimidated. (In some games they are a DM or Dungeon Master, some a GM or Game Master. Many games have different titles for the same role—the storytelling referee.) One reason people get intimidated is if the players go […]

BTTD #26: When we are all stranded. . .

When We All Get Stranded Again, I’ve watched a lot of Lost in Space recently. A lot. And there is a lot that can happen when your group is stranded. There isn’t a villian per se, a huge orc that can throw fire or a seedy vampire who is manipulating the kingdom in the background. Being stranded creats a […]

BTTD #25: Character Idea.

Character Idea FOR YOU! I have clearly stolen an idea from Of Mice and Men but I don’t care. I’d love to create a Warforged Monk; he speaks simply and eloquently. He quotes Ram Dass. “It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to […]

BTTD #24: Invasions.

Hope all of you had a fantastic holiday. I got some games and I’ll be reviewing and talking about them soon. I recently played Orleans Stories and it’s a bag building game/worker placement (you put your workers in a bag and pull them to place.) I really liked it but it is CUTTHROAT becaue you can be eliminated from the […]

BTTD #22: Beware of the Gifts You Receive

Happy Holidays to all of you! We will keep this short and sweet because you have gift buying to do and all kinds of wrapping. Gift Exchange I was reading Your Best Game Ever and a passage leapt out at me about characters and gift giving. Basically, have your characters in your group somehow create gifts in game for […]