BTTD #41: Barely Any Wrong Answers Here

Just got around to playing Dungeons and Dragons again. It has been a minute let me tell you. As someone who isn’t super into doing the online thing, it took some getting used to. But as a proud Gen-Xer, I figured it out.

I finally got to play Long Leaf, my Warforged Monk who speaks mainly in haikus.

They stare at my form. Reminders of a long war. Let us be careful.

So while my boyfriend was learning the ropes I was scrawling down haiku after haiku. Haikus about battles. Haikus about saying hello. (And I’m going to send them to my patrons, so if you’d like to join, the button is up above.)

Know Your Roll/Role

When you are first starting out playing D&D, it helps to simply pick a role and go from there. Most of the times you are starting out at 1st level, so a massive background isn’t necessary (as my DM pointed out, I used to write epic tales about my character at 1st level. It’s the equivalent of freshmen in high school bragging about the “big game.” It hasn’t happened—yet.)

Here are the roles broken down for each character:

Cleric: Heal your friends. Turn undead!

Mage/Sorcerer: Cast spells at our foes and/or protect us.

Paladin, Fighter, Ranger, Barbarian: ATTACK!

Monk: Kick! Fight! Run!

Druid: Heal. Intimidate. Tell us things! Be crafty (especially when you get that wild shape where you can turn into animals.)

Thief: Sneak! Attack! Sneak some more!

Once your character gets more levels under their belt, they can start branching out (well, a Druid could always branch out.. . . SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!)

This takes the stress off the new player. If they want to try other stuff, great! Do it! But when it comes down to twenty things they can do—giving them the most popular ones, leads to more success and more enjoyment.

Start with a Flashback

My DM asked us how our three characters met (Half-orc Barbarian, Barbarian Gnome and the humble Warforged Monk) and I said, “Oh, I rescued the gnome when he was stuck in the forest. #humblebrag”

So what did we do? We played out that exact scenario—me and the gnome were stuck in a spider’s nest! And the druid came and rescued us!

Thunder summoned here. All the spiders defeated.Peace not an option.

When you start with a flashback you now have a common story that binds everyone together, “Remember that time when . . . ”

Things I’m Into

Who doesn’t like wood?

If you are looking for fantastic RPG gear, look no further than Talon and Claw. They make fantastic dice vaults and DM screens (I got my previous boss a dice vault and he loved it!). They are doing a Kickstarter using wood from whiskey barrels. WHAT?! So I thought you should know.

Here is their Etsy site and here is their Kickstarter!

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