BTTD #37: The Loop Continues

Last week we talked about one of my FRPGSINP (Favorite role playing games I’ve never played): Tales from the Loop.

This is that 80’s RPG that has some strange technology around gadgets, gizmos and robots.

We are continuing thinking of basic and fun introductory adventures.

A cyborg is hiding in the woodshed.

As the kids are preparing for winter, they have to cut wood early mornings in the weekend. When one of them investigates the woodshed for supplies, there’s a cyborg, but he can’t speak. He seems about twenty years old and he shows that there is a missing component in his cyborg gear. He asks them to retrieve it by drawing a map in exchange, he will chop the wood.

The Bona Towers flicker and disappear for a few seconds. The main towers in town disappear and then return, but the residents are different. They look the same, but they have different memories, and are married to different people. They are an alternate version from a parallel Earth. The kids have to make it to the Alignment Dish and reprogram it, setting a homing beacon for their towers to come to them. The problem—something else slipped through the cracks—something between our worlds.

Someone is spreading fake money. It’s not even a good fake, but once someone touches it, all of their data, every single drop, ends up in a repository and people are now being blackmailed. Lives start getting ruined. A promenient leader kills herslef. No adults will try to stop it fearing their secrets will get out. The kids have to figure out how to erase everyone’s digital past.

Rumors spread of strange fires. Small balls of fire are appearing in random places in town. At first it’s a fun phenomenon, people take pictures with them and they flucate in size and color. One night one of the fireballs envelopes and consumes someone in town—it seems the fires are somehow assassins, hunting for certain people in town, but why?

Someone has left an ancient map of the area in a Kid’s school desk. The kids are suspect. Who would leave a map in school’s desk? I mean, that’s just begging for it, but summer vacation is starting and it would be worth it just to see. It leads them (through traps and other problems) to a strange element, a metal, that conforms to their thoughts. They have to decide if they want to share this discovery or keep it to themselves.

I hope you all are staying safe and reading more books than ever have. If you have an independent bookstore around you, think about getting a gift certificate from them. Keep them afloat.

Next week, I’m going to try to write about how to make adventures complicated. If you have any other requests, shoot them my way. And I’d love if you shared this newsletter with someone who needs it.

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