BTTD #35: How to Socially Distance as a Gamer

What is a Gamer to Do During This Strange Time!

Here’s a small list of ideas that I have for gamers out there during this time of quarantine and social distancing. Some of these are gamer specific and just overall mental health help. Would love some more ideas to share.

  1. Grab a notebook, a freshly sharpened pencil, and that new RPG game you’ve been wanting to tackle (for me it will be City of Mist as soon as it comes in.) Now you can study it, take notes and have a good time.
  2. Use Skype, Zoom or Facetime to game with your friends. There’s a bit of trust (did you really roll that?) Just have it be for fun and break the doldrums of staying home. I would suggest more lighthearted games like Paranoia or Dungeons and Dragons. But if you need a gothic fix, I get it.
  3. For me, I’m staying away from most news and especially social media. Man, some people have opinions. So I’m taking a bit of a break. Some of my friends are making cute videos on Instagram and that’s the content I am here for!
  4. Here you go: . This will brighten your day. Guaranteed.
  5. Teach your kids a role playing game like No Thank You Evil! You will thank me for it. It’s super fun and it involves drawing!
  6. Bust out the boardgames. I can’t recommend Ticket To Ride enough with all the expansions. Throw Throw Burrito is also one that will break up the boredom of the house.
  7. Start a newsletter about whatever you want. I simply do this one because I enjoy writing and I like to share what I find on the internet as well as my thoughts on gaming. I have tools located here if you need help. Hit reply and I’ll shoot you some re
  8. That LEGO set you haven’t touched in awhile. Yeah, get cracking. I have some things to build/rebuild.
  9. Support your local gaming/comic shop. Call them and see if you can somehow help. If you want to buy something, I’m sure they can figure it out and they can have it shipped to you. I just don’t want to see gaming stores hurt by this. Give them a call.
  10. And on that, if you have any independent dice makers that need some help, let me know. I’d like to do what I can. Just reply to this and let me know. A link and a contact would go far.
  11. Dig a podcast like Adventure Zone and listen to it while you do chores!
  12. I’ve actually made a list of all the things I’d like to get around to! And now I have the time!
  13. Grab some free stuff over here (RPG stuff!)
  14. Ever wanted to learn a language—Duolingo is the answer on that.
  15. Develop a schedule. It doesn’t have to be set to a certain time, but maybe just a checklist of every day.
  16. Animal Crossing? Be my friend! I’ll let you know when it starts.
  17. Check out this article on best two player games.

Hit “reply” and let me know what you are doing! And I’d love some pictures!

And hey, I know some of us are struggling during this time. If you need to curl up with your Switch and just get through the day, do it. If you need to bust out Sorry! with the kids to make it, do it. If we don’t do certain things, tackle projects, etc, and we are dealing with the stress of times, it makes it worse.

I hope all of you are well and you want me to get a little get online zoom meeting or facebook or instagram whatever, just to talk gaming, let me know. Just to check in and say hello—let me know just by clicking here if that interests you. (It will send you to my favorite music right now on Youtube. It relaxes this nerd.)

Just feel free to shoot me a line—we got this. We are gamers.

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