BTTD #33: What ELSE can do we with our games?

I’ve had some responses to my last newsletter about getting rid of games you don’t play any longer. I simply talked about how if games are gathering dust, there are going to be people out there that would like them. Perhaps give them away by finding a library or school that would take them.

One person responded and said, “I’m keeping them because I love them and I want my kids to play them. It’s nostaglia for me.” One friend of mine is getting rid of 50 games this year. He just doesn’t have the time for all of them.

Here are other suggestions:

  • There’s a teenager somewhere in your life that could use some money. Hand them a stack of games and say, “Sell these on ebay (or wherever) and you take 30% of the sales.” They get to learn a little side hustle and some negotiation skills if they can you to agree to 35%.
  • Find any games clubs in your area at a library or college and offer the games.
  • Ask your local comic shop if they buy used games or if there is anyone in the area needing some games.
  • (I reluctantly offer thrift stores because I’ve had disappointing buys with pieces missing and then I just sit in my house all sad eating ice cream.)
  • If you know the game isn’t going to find a home, strip it down for parts. Give away or use the dice somewhere else. Turn the board into a giant greeting card. Use the figures in a D&D match or paint them and leave them around your town. “Oh, look. There is a goblin guarding this stop sign.” Take pictures. If I was a skilled woodworker, I’d turn the board into a small box.

Whatever it is, if you know the game won’t be enjoyed, ever again, grant it a chance at a new life. You’ll feel a bit lighter and someone will have some kind of joy from it, one way or the other.

One of the games I’m dying to run and enjoy is Tales from the LoopAnd it’s on sale, which I never see.

But Amazon Prime Video is doing a series about the RPGAnd when I saw this I was whispered, “This was made for me.

It’s in April and I’m going to talk about it a lot.

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