BTTD #32: Making Room for More and Having Less

I recently moved stuff in my apartment around and had to organize a load of stuff. I rolled up my Kondo sleeves and got to work.

One bookshelf is all fiction and one is all non-fiction. I have a stack of RPGs and a stack of board games. Here we are.

Now, I love my RPGs. I have some beautiful books mostly from Monte Cook: Numenera, The Strange and the Cypher System (I backed them on Kickstarter.)

But I looked at my board games and I had a sad. Some hadn’t been played in over 5 years. I had good memories of the games, but I just didn’t remember the rules and I doubted I would pick them up again. I had other games, other things I wanted to try.

And I have so much I want to try and dabble in.

So these long forgotten games have to go.

Now, I get some people like to collect, they like to have a wall of games. But I’m not really that guy. I used to have a big collection, but I went to Afghanistan and sort of gave it away (I still have some gems from that. . .somewhere. . . )

I honestly believe someone out there would love to have the games that I might give away. First I’m going to see if libraries need them so that people can check them out. Second, if there’s a local game store that takes donations for their little game area, I might ask there. I just don’t want to pile up games on games on games. Just like I fight to have no more new books (such a weakness), I don’t want to simply keep and consume, keep and consume and keep and consume.

I just think that keeping games you haven’t played in 10 years might find a better home somewhere, even though they are dripping in nostalgia.

What in your closet, shelf, basement, garage, shed, or dungeon needs to go because it’s gathering a lot of dust instead of friends.

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