BTTD #31: And now for something completely different. . .

A Different Kind of Gesture

I bought lunch for a friend the other day. I live in the city so lunch is like $12-15 normally. Sometimes it’s higher and it’s never, ever less than that.

It’s lunch. It’s a nice time! I paid and well, we just went on our way.

Buying someone a meal is a long-time gesture of kindness. You get this one. I’ll get the next. Forever.

But I want to sort of bring that cycle to a close and here’s my bold premise, and this issue of the newsletter stands as my lone manifesto.

Buy your friends, your loved ones, and even complete strangers books instead of meals.

Most of the books I buy at my local bookstore (and I’ll be honest, Amazon) are around $12-15. Sure, some are more, but rarely are they less.

Books last much longer than the memory of that meal. And by not placing a OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS caveat on this gesture you can have a better connection, a better relationship and impact (especially if you write something in it.)

I have friends who were introduced to the fantasy or sci-fi world because someone handed them Dune or Lord of the Rings.

Now, gifting boardgames or role-playing games is tough because there’s something more to the reading and it isn’t passive enjoyment like a good ol’ book. But I’m not against it, but I’d pick a nice card game to start and go from there. That’s more of the gateway experience people respond to.

Now I have some authors that I follow and when I see that one of their best books has dropped in price at Amazon, I will buy 3-4 copies of the book. I keep them handy (sometimes at the office) and if someone needs a little pick me up, I sign the inside of the book (if it’s their cup of tea) and hand it over. (I also keep stationery on hand because I’m that guy. )

I just think as gamers, we are naturally readers (I have a hard time finding people who don’t read very much and who loves RPGS and boardgames.)

Here are a couple of books I’m going to give as gifts or I already have.

Coming in at #1: Atomic Habits by James Clear. I used to dwell in the productivity realm as a writer. This book by far has made the biggest impact in my career and overall life. Down with goals. Up wtih systems. Can’t recommend it enough.

Fiction book: My friend Tim Grahl is coming out with a fantastic work of fiction. Take Hunger Games and then smash it into The Matrix. It’s called The Threshing and it’s the book that everyone is going to be talking about very, very soon. I got an ARC and I’m excited to dig into it.

Long time favorite: Amazing Things Will Happen by C.C. Chapman. I read this book while in Afghanistan and it inspired me a lot. In Afghansitan! It’s great for graduates or people going through any transition. Highly, highly recommend.

Start gifting books, not meals.

Next Week!

Next week I’m going to talk about my journey in attempting to get a gaming group together. As well as some board games and RPGs that I’ve been digging and want to dig in more!

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