BTTD #26: When we are all stranded. . .

When We All Get Stranded

Again, I’ve watched a lot of Lost in Space recently. A lot. And there is a lot that can happen when your group is stranded.

There isn’t a villian per se, a huge orc that can throw fire or a seedy vampire who is manipulating the kingdom in the background.

Being stranded creats a different kind of villain. Starvation. Exposure. Poisonous plants. Lack of oxygen.

What I like about a stranded encounter is that you can go a lot of different directions but one thing the characters can’t do is stand around. They need shelter, a source of food, repel any creatures that need a human or elf smelling snack. They have to move—and if they fail, well, things might not turn out great.

There isn’t a tavern to run to for some nice or a temple to get healed at.

The characters might not even have weapons or their spellbook. (That might be what they need to find first.)

You can pile on the problems.

You need to build a fire, but you need wood and it’s raining now. So you need a cave and well, they are all inhabited. Oh, you cleared out the cave? Well, you found something else in the cave, deeper down, that you accidentally awaken. So that’s great.

You can also run the stranded scenario nearly anywhere. Space! Boom stranded on an abandoned ship. Why is it abandoned? I don’t know, man, its your game.

Especially if you are new DM or want to just start out small, being stranded gives you room to figure out the rules to the game. They players could all be pressed into service on a ship and lo and behold, the ship crashes! Chaos abounds. They have to gather supplies and possibly fight their accosters.

Either way, having a group that is stranding shows the mettle they are made of and how hard it is to actually create fire without a spell.

Kickstater I’m Reallllllly Into Right Now

First off, I’m a Kickstarter addict and I recently printed Fiasco and I’m all set to play that as soon as I can find three willing people.

Second, I found this Kickstarter and I’m itching to get it. So itchy! You play gods that forgot they are gods? DIAL ME IN.

If you have a Kickstarter you love, send it my way!

Goals for 2020: The Critical Year

I’m a big fan of setting goals. And a lot of gamers do 5 by 5 (playing 5 chosen games 5 times) Some brave a 10 by 10 sort of deal.

This week I’m going to come up with my 5 by 5 and Terraforming Mars is at the top of the list. I still need four more. . . I’ll keep you posted.

As far as RPGs, I want to start a game but make it an obscure game where it is more story focused instead of statistics and all that. I’m looking at City of Mist right now or Tales from the Loop. I just love those books and stories. And I want to introduce some new people to these kinds of games.

I’d love to know your gaming goals and how you track what games you play.

Alright! Catch you nerds next week!

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