BTTD #24: Invasions.

Hope all of you had a fantastic holiday. I got some games and I’ll be reviewing and talking about them soon. I recently played Orleans Stories and it’s a bag building game/worker placement (you put your workers in a bag and pull them to place.) I really liked it but it is CUTTHROAT becaue you can be eliminated from the game with a couple of terrible moves. I got second place the first time we played it and then got stone-cold eliminated. It is a massive game and great fun (you can decrease the difficulty on it.)

Orleans is one of my favorite games and I’d highly recommend it as well (and I splurged for the better pieces.)

Invasions and Such

I just wrapped up watching Man in the High Castle on Amazon. I enjoyed the entire series and I didn’t mind the ending (oof, a bit rushed.) To catch you up, it’s about the Allies losing WWII and the Nazis and Japan invading America. It’s a bit sobering and strangely on the nose for our times.


What if your world was invaded by a force of orcs? Minatours? Aliens? And your characters were simply the start of the resistance? Everything dependable is shut down. They are constantly on the run. It creates a different dynamic then “Let’s explore this dungeon!” and instead creates a “We have to hide out in this dungeon because what’s out there is scarier than what’s in here.”

  • Maybe an artifact can save the day if your characters can get to it. But yeah, it’s hidden. And yeah, the monsters know about it. And yeah, they are going after it as well.
  • Maybe something went wrong with a time travel experiment and your characters were in the blast. They know the correct turn of events and somehow something changed. They have to figure out a way to go back and fix it.
  • The characters have to create a plague that gets rid of their invaders. And to do so they have to bargain with the goddess of plagues. Fun fact: it won’t go well.
  • One of the characters is secretly a part of the invading force and maybe a double agent. OR TRIPLE AGENT?! WHAT!?

What Comes of It All

I was talking to a buddy, Matt, about games we love and he said something that struck me. “Yeah, and at the end of the game, what’s great is that you built something!”

And I think that’s the main drive for me when it comes to playing games, RPG, Tabletop or otherwise. I get to build something. Sometimes we build something together and sometimes it’s just a solo mission. In our age of consumption (of which I am the biggest consumer) it’s a good and rare feeling to build something—something that wasn’t in the world.

In 2019, I built a treasure chest and a bench. I’ve built some stuff at work (lessons, I’m a trainer by trade) that people use. I just like making stuff. Maybe it’s a PDF or a crafty, snarky newsletter.

But I think we should build more stories, no matter what.

If you are looking to create a blog or a little business, let me tell you ConvertKit is the way to do it. They manage all of your emails, your landing pages, and are designed for creators like you and me. If you want more info, shoot me a line. I got a sweet, sweet hookup. Slap reply.

2020 the Critical Year.

I’m gearing up for the big giveaway for next year. We got books! We got dice! We got more books! Maybe a boardgame is in there!

I’m working on my 2020 goals and playing more games is definitely on there. I want to play more obscure and off the beaten path games. Sure, I like playing an elven ranger with a sweet, sweet archery knack, but I also like to play the detective with a secret telepath ability in the 1920’s.

I’m looking to form a RPG group soon and I’ll keep you posted on that.

Happy New Year to you and thanks for joining me on this little adventure in 2019. See you after the ball drops.

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