BTTD #20: Accomplishments, rituals and celebrations.

Many of you wrote and said, “Are you alive?” because I didn’t send anything out on Friday—including the big dice giveaway. I’m deciding to do that in January when the dust settles from the holiday. (And I’m taking a week off work to simply recharge, create and plan 2020.)

In other news—I finished my novel! I wrote 50,330 words in the month of November. Hardest thing I’ve done win awhile. I plan on writing a quick: “What I Learned from Nanowrimo” blog post at some point. When I’m looking to sell this book, I’ll be shooting you a line. WINK EMOJI!

So let’s get cracking.

Just Don’t Interrupt

As holidays approach and we get together with people, I keep thinking about rituals—things we do over and over to invoke a feeling. (Systems are a form of ritual, but it’s to invoke the same result. Usually if it involves a candle, well, it’s a ritual.)

I recently read the book The Ninth House and I can’t say enough about it. One of the caveats of that book is—don’t interrupt a ritual. If you do, it doesn’t cancel the ritual—it royally screws up whatever is happening:

  • Something gets summoned that shouldn’t be summoned. It could be a big something or a lot of something.
  • The god or goddess involved in the ritual is super pissed. You’ve called their attention and something dares interrupt. Maybe it shuts down magic in a certain radius. Maybe it makes your character or characters suffer in certain ways. There’s a possibility for a big atonement.
  • Your characters are set around a ritual to see that it isn’t interrupted. Maybe some fae creatures are like Dobby and they are set on f-ing up that ritual. Maybe your characters have to strike a deal.
  • Your characters have to fetch a certain item or items for the ritual and they can’t bungle it or they discover that items bought for the ritual are bogus and they need to replace them fast.
  • The ritual somehow attracts undead creatures and undead are coming from all over to siphon the power that is being harvested or summoned.
  • A ritual is involving a human sacrfice, but the human is a really, really bad person. Do the characters intervene? DUN DUN DUNNNNN.
  • If a ritual works, maybe the characters are rewarded and receive a boon from someone. And they get a reputation that they can guard rituals well and get called upon to do it again, but with bigger stakes.

The TV show The Magicians are all about ritual and magic and what goes wrong when it’s interrupted. And this works for a ton of settings like Vampire or a nice Western.


You need to watch that show. It is blowing my mind and there are only two episodes left. Also, highly recommend Killing Eve. I recently finished season 2 and was impressed.

Game I Like

I recently played Horrified and I liked it. It’s cooperative and simple enough around turn taking so that what you choose to do makes sense. Great for new gamers. Great. (I wish it had a betrayer component, but that’s my dark soul at work.)

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