BTTD #19: Best Games for the Thanksgiving.


Here in America, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! Next week! I love the holidays cause with my friends it means one things. Games! Board games!

Games for the Holidays

If you need some board games for the “non-board gamers” in your life, have I got the treat for you!

Sure, turkey is great, but have you played Qwixx? This is my favorite little dice game that’s super easy to learn but has layer upon layer of strategy.

I also love the game Pairs. I might have mentioned this before, but it’s a simple little press-your-luck and all ages can get involved. Maybe the person who loses has to serve people pumpkin pie?

Seriously, get your family involved in more games and by next year you’ll be playing 7 Wonders with all the expansions.

Book I’m Loving

Right now I have my hands on this little beauty, Eberron: Rising from the Last War. It is my all time favorite D&D setting. Take 1920’s tech, make it magical and add a great war that devastated a good portion of the continent. And things are crawling out of that devasation.

So good. I’ll write more about it later after I’ve digested this tome, but if you have a loved one (including you!) who wants a gorgeous looking setting, get it.

Holidays and Your World

I was thining about holidays in the fantasy setting.

What are holidays like for all these different priesthoods? Do holidays enhance or dampen cleric’s abilities? Warlocks? Here are some examples.

  • What if there is a holiday designed to have priests of a healing god remember what suffering is? No healing magic is available for a week.
  • There is a sort of “Purge” time when gods of rogues and assassins want their worshipers to assassinate as many as possbile, but only powerful targets. It’s a day of Hunger Games meets the Purge. Perhaps the person who assassinates the most gets a magical weapon or artifact.
  • Druids can celebrate a ton of holidays. Perhaps they spend a week blessing crops or they celebrate more of the “predator” sort of animal, and spend time enhancing their abilities.

A lot of gaming groups I’ve been a part of have nice grab bags for board games or role playing games, but Monte Cook talks about this in his book Best Game Ever is that the characters can make other characters gifts, in-game gifts. Your barbarian might make a wizard a pointy hat or a new staff, and I guarantee that wizard is going to treasure it.


Your next newsletter will show up next Friday, after the US Thanksgiving. I’ll have some cool little announcements and get you all a great gaming gift guide.


Some of you have asked how I’m doing during NaNoWriMo. I’m up to 35K and I’m a little behind. But by next week, I should be wrapping up!

Happy Thanksgiving and game on!

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