BTTD #15: Prison Breaks and Trailers

What I’ve Been Digging

I’ve been watching Killing Eve Season 1 again. If you are looking for a great show that has tight writing and thrills, this is your winter jam.

I’m looking forward to Star Wars Rise of Skywalker. I got tickets to the 8 AM show on Saturday! Whoo!

Also I recently picked up this book, Ninth House and as someone who follows authors on the good ol’ Twitter, this book has everyone captivated. I attempted to pick it up at some independent bookstores in Chicago and they all said, “We can’t keep that book on the shelves.” Wound up finding it! Stephen King loves it and Amazon picked it up to do a series—so there you go. (I’m going to smash this book this weekend on a reading binge.)

Prison Break and How to Use It!

I’m not sure if I want to start a fantasy book like this or start an adventure, but I want to have a setting where there is a major, major prison break somewhere. A large hole in the wall with hundreds of prisoners flooding out, and the guards are powerless.

Here are some ideas I have around having a prison break campaign:

  • You can start the adventure in the middle of the prison break with eveyrone being prisoners. You don’t have to be murderers and the like; maybe you’re political prisoners or you were under marital law. Maybe your family was naughty and you got caught up in it. But starting the middle is a nice way to get the action moving.
  • The world significantly changed after the prison break. Because some people escaped that should never have seen the light of day. Perhaps it was declared that every single prisoner had to be hunted down including their family and any future children the prisoners would have. (There could be a reason they were in prison. Were they contaminated? Do they change into something else when they die?)
  • It’s a secret if you are prisoner or a regular old citizen. You keep your identity secret from everyone and you’ve been on the run for years.
  • Your characters are exploring the prison after the fact. They’ve been sent to retrieve something from the basement: a list of prisoners, some evidence of a crime, an item the prisoner kept hidden in a cell. And the creature’s waiting for them in the prison—and some of the prisoners didn’t even escape—it’s not looking good.
  • Prison breaks fit nearly every campaign setting. Space, western, occult, Star Wars(!) and fantasy. Probably not cave people though. I’ve read some cave people RPGs and I just . . .don’t get it. YOU DO YOU!

I’d love to hear some of your ideas for a prison break!

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