BTTD #41: Barely Any Wrong Answers Here

Just got around to playing Dungeons and Dragons again. It has been a minute let me tell you. As someone who isn’t super into doing the online thing, it took some getting used to. But as a proud Gen-Xer, I figured it out. I finally got to play Long Leaf, my Warforged Monk who speaks mainly in […]

BTTD #40: We all have to start somewhere.

Friends, Hope you are staying safe and washing your hands. (Remember those handwashing memes? Ha ha ha.) A lot of people are starting to play RPGs online, using Zoom and other online resources like Roll20 (which is something I want to learn during this weird time.) When first starting out, I always suggest using something that’s already […]

BTTD #39: I’ve Got Your Back(story)

Friends, I’ve been there when you are trying to come up with a backstory for a character and your mind is as blank as a fresh whiteboard. And you come up with, “My parents died and I had to strike out on my own to learn the skills to survive this harsh world.” Congrats. That’s […]

BTTD #38: Monday was a Train Wreck

TL;DR: I set up a Patreon. And I have some good ideas for games below in this very weird time. Well, friends, it happened. And I know I wore my Green Lantern ring the other day and took an oath that I wouldn’t mention COVID or any of that, but well, my apologies. Monday, like so […]

BTTD #37: The Loop Continues

Last week we talked about one of my FRPGSINP (Favorite role playing games I’ve never played): Tales from the Loop. This is that 80’s RPG that has some strange technology around gadgets, gizmos and robots. We are continuing thinking of basic and fun introductory adventures. ​ A cyborg is hiding in the woodshed. As the kids […]

BTTD #35: How to Socially Distance as a Gamer

What is a Gamer to Do During This Strange Time! ​ Here’s a small list of ideas that I have for gamers out there during this time of quarantine and social distancing. Some of these are gamer specific and just overall mental health help. Would love some more ideas to share. Grab a notebook, a […]

BTTD #34: Don’t Play the Comparison Game

Chose Well, Not Fancy A lot of my friends, and I mean a lot will go hard to the paint when it comes to gorging on content, specifically gaming content. Maybe they have every book, or they are digging every Twitch and Youtube channel out there. And here’s my opinion when it comes to RPGS and that […]

BTTD #33: What ELSE can do we with our games?

I’ve had some responses to my last newsletter about getting rid of games you don’t play any longer. I simply talked about how if games are gathering dust, there are going to be people out there that would like them. Perhaps give them away by finding a library or school that would take them. One […]