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BTTD #9: Wandering and Joining in.

TL;DR. Be inside the story. Sleepwalkers. FOODIES.

Before We Get into All That

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Inside Where It’s Warm

One of the main reasons I love RPGs is that I can alter the story. When I read a book, I’m just receiving the story. When I play a video game, it might be a “sandboxian” kind of game, but I eventually hit the walls of what I can and can’t do.

But RPGs? That allows you to attempt anything. You’re a bard, but you want your fellow players to support you “starting a band?” I’m down for that.Your fellow spice miners want a run at cornering the market on a new polymer? Sure it will make you wealthy, but with wealth comes more than one rival or nemesis.

If people are new to the game, this weird RPG world, it’s our job to poke and prod and see what they’d like to try. Sure, some adventures lend themselves to saving the town and killing the goblin prince, but it can always be modified to provide more incentive.

They want to clear out the goblin prince and his minions for peace and all of that, but maybe the players take over the stronghold? Maybe they free the slaves, but instead offer them jobs?

Maybe they write a musical production about the prince’s defeat and have to perform it in the city?

This brings the players inside the story. You, as the Gamemaster, are picking up what they are putting down. You are sharing the narrative, not “railroading” the adventure where it only has one direction and one outcome.

One of my favorite all time games is Terraforming Mars. I’d go so far as to say it’s my all time favorite game. My friend Moe has a killer newsletter as well. I think you should check it out and you get a free printable he made for the game to make your life easier. Check it out here!

Where Y’All Headed?

I’m reading Wanderers by Chuck Wendig. It’s about a troupe of people who are sleepwalking through the US and there are signficant shennigans. While reading this 800 page mammoth I wondered:

What if members of a Western town all disappeared? What if a busy space station just got abandoned without any communication?

What if a certain race all started acting differently, erratic?

What if children started just wandering off in the middle of the night, succumbing to some kind of pied-piper situation because of a relic recently unearthed?

Game You’ll Like

Played this little game called Foodies the other night. It’s like a simplified version of Machi Koro, but super replayable and would be great to introduce people to board games.


I think you’ll enjoy this one. Cheers and have a good week.

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