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TL;DR. A comic worth getting today. When something just appears. Why, Mr. Orc, are you on fire?

Best Comic in 5 years.

I used to be big into comics. Collector’s boxes and all of that. I never made a dime off of it, but I just liked the hoard— I mean, collectingaspect of it.

But now I simply go for the trades, the collections, and that way I know I’ve got a good thing. As a Twitter reader, I couldn’t stop hearing about Gideon Falls. 

It is a suspenseful, scary, and lovely weird comic book. And I highly recommend it. I ordered two volumes and I can’t wait to burn through the 3rd.

Gideon Falls. Won’t disappoint.

Awwww, no. What is THAT?

In nearly any role playing game, unless it is hyper-real (not a chance of the supernatural . . . and honestly, where is the fun in that?), something I like to play, write and read about is this:

Suddenly (THIS HUGE THING) just shows up out of nowhere. I’m not talking about a small spacecraft or dwarven miner. I’m talking something massive—something that can’t be ignored.

Here are just a few. (If you win a Hugo award because of these ideas, well, just thank me in the credits.)

An ancient elven stronghold shows up. The elves are not from your country. A wizard put them there. Guess you have to move them back?

A moon appears around a very busy intergalatic space station. It behaves normally (shoot me back the appropriate Star Wars joke.) and people are in a race to see what can be mined from there.

In your Wild West game that your brother wants to get in on, but you won’t let him cause he just ruins stuff, horse skeletons litter the town overnight,—the roads, the alleys, and the streets. It smells of a curse.

In your occult game, your urban fantasy RPG, all the rats in the city confine themselves to one city block. Let me be super clear—that is a lot of rats. What are they guarding? Better question: what are they afraid of?

Oh, I’m sorry, you want more?

Only certain members of your party can see the thing. It only shows up at certain times under certain conditions. It might be growing and it might have answers your party desperately needs and it is here for a limited time only.

Tell me what shows up.

Oh, I’m Sorry, My Orcs Aren’t Boring.

Goblins and orcs. I mean, snoozefest, right? Downright droll, I say. But it’s a real shame that your orcs discovered that small gap, the tiny pinprick hole in space-time, and now something got to them.

I’m thinking it’s like a mind-parasite so your orcs now think all together, like a hive mind. They are all one.

Or, wait. Hold up. Small elemental ants have infected your goblins. Some goblins now possess fire power, some ice power. The ants have also lent your goblins super strength. Is that a massive ant-hill? When did that get there?

The orc shaman went all in and necromancy and she has it figured out. Orcs kill and then bring the bodies back. They raid graveyards. You might want to handle that situation.

When orcs surpass a certain age something happens like perhaps they get very smart or very explode-y.

Next week. Here’s what’s up.


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